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Student Success

Portfolio Presentations

Based on Demonstrated Skills and Accomplishments

Shown in Student's Own Work

Aided by Collaborative Technology

These single page presentations summarize design skills from 4 classes:

These courses feature work in AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Sketch-Up, Navis Works and more ...


Note: The work represented in each student portfolio is completely the technical work of the individual student in conformance with class project requirements. American River College Faculty, Staff, and Administration do not endorse, rank, or rate individual students, their skills, views or their perspectives.

Mark Westbrook


AA Degree, Spring 2016

Job Status - Currently Employed

Link to Mark Westbrook's Portfolio                 
Mark Westbrook Sample-1

Kimihico Mulase


DT Certificate, Spring 2014

Currently Employed 

Link to Kimihico Mulase's' Portfolio                 
Summary of Kimihico Mulase's' Portfolio

Thelbert Sexton


DT AA, ET AS, Spring 2014

Currently Employed But Looking To Advance

Link to Thelbert Sexton's' Portfolio

Summary of thelbert Sexton's' Portfolio

Eamonn Dennis


DT  Cert and AA Awarded Fall 2013

FullTime, Part Time, Contract

Link to Eamonn Dennis' Portfolio

Summary of Eamonn Dennis' Portfolio


Francisco Castillo


DT / ET Certificate Awarded Fall 2013

Full Time, Part Time, Contract

 Link to Francisco Castillo's Portfolio

Summary of Francisco Castillo's Portfolio

Jen Jensen


Design Tech Certificate Awarded Fall 2012

BA, Awarded from University of Victoria, Canada

Available Full Time, Part Time, Contract 

Link to Jen Jensen's Portfolio

Summary of Jen Jensen Portfolio


Sergey Psheninchnyy

Summary of Sergey's Portfolio

Coursework completion - Spring 2013
AS/AA ET,DT Geological Tech, Electronic Tech

Available Full Time, Part Time, Contract 

Link to Sergey Psheninchnyy's Portfolio




Kathryn Thompson

Summary of Kathryn Thompson's Portfolio

Degree completion - Spring 13
AA Degree, Design Technician, American river college

Available Full Time, Part Time, Contract

 Link to Kathryn Thompson's Portfolio




Amber Villegas

Summary of Jen Jensen Portfolio

Certificate Awarded Spring 2013
AS Engineering Technology, American River college

Available Full Time, Part Time, Contract

 Link to Amber Villegas' Portfolio 

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